Justin Donaldson

Artist / Art Educator


Justin Donaldson creates beautifully lush landscapes in gouache from his homebase in Clemson, SC. His inspiration is built on the need for peace and tranquility. In the hunt for these qualities he traverses forests, fields and rivers and takes his paints to the far reaches of nature. Many of his walks influence his paintings that feature fine art landscapes inspired by popular video games and films. 

Justin has worked for several video game companies creating 2d art, including Blizzard, Skymill Studios and DDraig Studios. He also teaches online art courses, and travels to conventions where he sells originals and high quality canvas prints that are printed and trimmed by hand in his studio.

The mediums used in his works are primarily gouache, poster color, digital, open acrylics, or oils.


IMG 6599 copy scaled
Momocon 2023

To contact Justin about participating in events, interviews, or instructing workshops:


Call or Text: 828-404-2255