Preparation for a painting

Here’s a value study for a piece I am going to start putting to paper real soon! As I prepared for it I went out to find the spirit of it in among the gardens close to where we live. There is something beautiful and sweet and purely emotive about the light as it falls through the canopy onto the undergrowth and I walked and walked until I found a number of places that matched perfectly! These spots speak to me of endless summers, cool breezes, and days that never end (In the best possible way). I remember getting overwhelmed at school and going for a walk to find the most beautiful hidden field in the middle of town. It was entirely secluded despite its location. The undergrowth was lush and the trees were waving in the breeze. So I just sat, napped, and read the afternoon away. That's exactly the feeling I want to convey in this painting I am working on.

The next step is going to be putting these to paper and amalgamating the studies, the preparation, and the memories of how I felt at the time. Keep an eye out for the next email about it!

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