New art, new trip, new community

New Release

Today I am going to grace your screens with some peace, calm and a sense of wonder that I created through this latest piece, "out of the Darkness".

This piece is about the feeling of going to a new country where everything is the same, but on some level you cant quite pin down, vastly different at the same time. And you walk through these new environments in wonder and awe! This is springtime for the soul, and tea time for the heart. This piece marks the beginning of a distillation process of sorts. A process of refining what I do down to things are fully representative of myself, and not letting crazy ideas of what it means to be an artist get in the way.

Check out some detail shots below.

This piece is available on my store at

Future Trip

In August I'll be taking the family to Australia for a month! (The first time going back home in about 8 years!). So I am working hard to get a process together that will help support us through that time. I'll be creating many pieces of art based off the trip and sharing it with all my followers and patrons. I am very excited! I'd love to hear suggestions about things you'd love to see from this trip, so send me a message or just leave a comment somewhere!

The Community

I recently added a secret store that allows patrons 10% off any purchase, added a patreon-exclusive discord community, and plan on doing a livestream demo/conversation once a month for my patrons. But more on that another time... ;)

As always, If you are interested in joining the community head over to



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