How to paint water, Part 2

I might be talking about "How to paint water", but there is no one distinct way. Have a look at the works of these three artists Sargent, Sarolla, and Zorn.

Each could be standing by the same body of water, painting the same thing, making wonderfully true observations and communicating well with their brush strokes, and the three paintings would all come out very different.

Take this as a liberating thought, there is no single way to paint. Make efforts to understand what is going on, make efforts to communicate, and find the spot in your gut that tells you that you need to paint this. Listen to it, cultivate it, and use it to guide your process.

Now that you know there is no single way to do it, we can carve our way to understanding! and you can be one step closer to being able to paint with confidence!

You can do this!


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