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Paint Clouds with Confidence

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Learn to paint clouds with confidence both traditionally and digitally!
In this 1.5hr tutorial we go over the observations and practices used to paint clouds with confidence. We work first in traditional opaque water media (gouache and poster color) and I’ll share with you many tips about how to utilize these media properly in order to create both the grandeur and the subtlety of clouds.
We will work through many ideas behind the value structures seen in cloud formations, as well as the color patterns that are often observed.
We will talk over the ideas behind creating clouds in perspective (both atmospheric perspective and classic perspective), using repetition and 3D space to convey a sense of depth.
We will practically work through the ideas involved in painting clouds that are…
– Front Lit
– 3/4 Lit
– Back lit
By the time we are done you will be equipped with everything you need to more readily understand the patterns you see in clouds, and create your own from scratch!

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