Paint Foliage With Confidence - Full Tutorial

Learn to paint Foliage with confidence both traditionally and digitally! In this 1.5hr tutorial we go over the observations and practices used to paint Foliage (and more broadly, trees) with confidence. Whats more, there are 3 traditional painting demonstrations narrated to communicate these core ideas! How fun?! This tutorial will work through the ideas of:
  • Giving your foliage a purpose
  • Learning how to use foliage to make your paintings stronger
  • Simplifying the process of painting foliage
  • Applying force to make your foliage look natural and tell a story
  • How to not be overwhelmed by lots of foliage!
  • How to avoid “The green problem”, and make your foliage feel vibrant and full of color!
  • and much more…
By the time we are done you will be equipped with everything you need to more readily understand how to confidently create paintings full of vibrant foliage!

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