I am excited to have you join me for this 12-week course on everything you need to know about painting landscapes! I am looking forward to working together with you to learn, create, and receive feedback! Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to hone in on your landscape painting skills, this course will provide the road map you need to paint landscapes.  


you will receive an email at the end of the registration period with more details!


This course will be composed of both video lessons and live feedback sessions. Each participant will also have the chance to submit their work for up to (at least) 3 paint overs. I’ve carefully prepared each of the 12 video lessons to offer you information about how I think about my paintings. The lessons will focus on tips and tricks that I consider each time I sit down to paint. The information contained will encourage you wherever you are on your art journey. It is my desire to empower you and to help you discover a place of peace and joy in your paintings. The video lessons are expected to be 1.5-2.5 hours and will be delivered weekly on Wednesdays. At the conclusion of each lesson, there will be a suggested study activity. These prompts will help you actively apply the information we covered to improve your understanding. The live feedback sessions will occur weekly on Tuesdays from 8-10p EST. They will be recorded and will be available for viewing by auditors and participants who are not able to attend live. During these sessions, I will answer any questions that participants have after they have viewed the lesson and completed the study. In addition, I will review and provide feedback on all studies submitted that week and share the paint overs of participants work. This time will be full of refreshment and encouragement as we journey together through the course.

Participant Levels

This is the inaugural running of my landscape course and I am thrilled that you are considering joining me on the journey. I will be offering two ways to partake in the course at this time.
1. Participants- Participants are the foundation of this course. Without you, it would not be possible for me to offer the material in this format. You are what makes this a course instead of a series of tutorials. Participants will receive:

  • 12 carefully prepared video lessons on landscape painting

  •  Access to the course discussion boards

  • Participation in 11 live feedback sessions & video playback for later reference

  • Opportunity to submit studies for review on a weekly basis

  • Up to 3 paint overs throughout the course

  • My personal contact information

  • 2 special Q&A sessions

This course will be limited to 20 participants in order in ensure that everyone is able to get the most out of the course. We will become a close knit and supportive community, hopefully forging lifelong relationships through this experience. In addition, all the lessons and the videos from the live feedback sessions will be yours for life so you can reference them at any time.


Full Cost: $450

2. Auditors- Auditing is the perfect option for those who would like to join us on the journey but may not have the time or money to commit to participation. You will have a chance to learn, discover, and find peace alongside us, or to move through the information at your own pace. Auditors will receive:

  •  12 carefully prepared video lessons on landscape painting

  • Access to the course discussion boards

  • Observation of 11 live feedback sessions

  • 2 special Q&A sessions


There is no limit on auditors for this course! I would like to invite everyone to consider joining us. If
the timing of the live course is not right for you, no big deal. The files will be yours forever!


Full Cost: $300



We will be utilizing several methods of communication throughout the course. There will be a group chat through which all participants and auditors will communicate with me and each other. I am sure that there will be riveting discussions as we digest the material presented. Participants will also have a chance to ask questions through the live feedback sessions each week. Your questions and shared experiences will greatly enrich the course for all of us. I am certain that I will learn from you just as you learn from me. Participants will also be provided with a way to directly message me for additional support. Finally, there will be two Q&A sessions scheduled throughout the course. This will be a time for all participants and auditors to have an open discussion. I especially look forward to hearing your feedback and insights about the course.



  • Introduction: We will lay the groundwork for the rest of the course.

  • Composition: Learn the art of creating landscapes from a holistic perspective

  •  Perspective: Learn about creating depth within your pieces by using atmospheric and linear

  •  Plein-air: Everything you need to know in order to feel confident painting outdoors

  • Lighting: How does light work? How does that come in to play in landscape painting?

  • Value: Take a deep dive into how values make or break everything you do.

  •  Color: Color schemes, broken color, limited palettes… thing are getting real!

  • Weather: How do weather and time of day affect what we are doing?

  • From photos: How do we make master paintings from photos without copying?

  • Desert, Rock & Mountains: These arid landscapes have their own interesting challenges.

  • Beaches, Shore Lines, Lakes  Rivers: Water is a ton of fun and should not be intimidating.

  • Grassland, Forests & Trees: Taking complex landscapes and turning them into rich masterpieces

This course will run throughout the months of May, June & July 2020. Each lesson will be released on a Wednesday, with the corresponding feedback session on the following Tuesday night from 8-10pm EST. The course will end with a live Q&A session for all participants and auditors on the final Wednesday. Studies to be submitted for paint overs will be due by midnight Sunday each week. Studies being submitted for feedback will be due on each Tuesday by noon EST. Hopefully the calendar below will show the schedule clearly.


Paint Over Selection

We will be addressing issues faced by each participant each week according to the results of the exercises they make available, however Participant registration in the course includes at least 3 three extensive paint over opportunities. Paint overs are a wonderful opportunity for all of us to learn together. In order to be most effective with our time, it is my hope to do 4-6 paint overs for each student in the course. Studies to be submitted for paint overs will be due by midnight EST on Sunday of each week. This allows time for me to work on the paint overs and plan for our feedback sessions. Each participant will be invited to select 6 desired weeks for submission of their study for paint over. I will then do my absolute best to make sure that everyone gets as many of their selections as possible. Because your classmates and I am relying on you to produce the studies for our paint over sessions, I would like to encourage you to carefully consider your schedule and any commitments that you are aware of outside of this course which may impede your ability to submit your study for paint over by midnight Sunday. After you have considered your schedule, feel free to select your favorite weeks based on topic. I will do my best to make sure that everyone is happy with the assigned weeks- but please remember there will be something to learn regardless.


If the course does not meet your expectations, refunds will be available for the auditing portion of the fee ($300). Because of the limited number of participant spots available, there will be no refund for the participant fee ($150) though it is transferable. If you must drop the course before it begins, I will do my best to help you transfer your participant spot to another person, based on the waitlist.