Landscape Painting Course

Join me for this 12 week course on everything you need to know about painting landscapes! Work together with me to learn, create, and receive feedback! Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to hone in on your landscape painting skills, this course will provide the structure you need to paint landscapes.  

When? May-July 2020
Sounds good...
so what will I learn?


Learn everything you need to know

to tackle painting outdoors!


Learn the art of creating Landscapes

from a holistic perspective


We'll lay the groundwork

for the rest of the course


Learn about creating depth

within your pieces by using 

Atmospheric and linear perspective


lets deep dive into how values

make or break everything 

you do! 


How does light work?

How does that come into play

in a landscape painting?


Color schemes, broken color, limited color... things are getting real! 


How does weather and time of day 

effect what we are doing?

Grassland, forests, and trees

these arid landscapes all have their own interesting challenges

From photos

How do we make master paintings

from photos without copying

Beaches, shore lines,

lakes and rivers

Water is a tonne of fun and doesn't have to be intimidating! 

Dessert, Rock and mountains

Taking complex landscapes and 

turning them into rich masterpieces

Quick question though... Do I need to learn a specific medium?

No! Demonstrations will be made in PosterColor/ Gouache, Oil, and Acrylic. We are primarily concerned with the Ideas behind the paint, but we'll be talking about the mediums we use as we use them, and how to achieve these results in Postercolor, Gouache, Oil, Acrylic and Digital... Ill give you feedback in your native medium!    

How much does it cost?

Full Seat - 1 of 20

Full Participation

12 online lessons + 11 online group feedback sessions + 2 Q&A sessions

 $450 USD

Audit Seat

No personal feedback

12 online lessons + observe 11 feedback sessions + 2 Q&A sessions

$300 USD

I live on the other side of the world... do I need to be available at any particular time?

No! The lessons will be made available to everyone regardless of time, you can watch them when you are free. The feedback sessions will be given live, but can will be available to see at any time if you cant make it. The Q&A sessions will also be live, if you cant ask your questions live, you can send them in in-advance.

Stop Teasing me... sign me up already...

Early bird REGISTRATION will be between Feb 6-9 (1 day earlier for Patrons).

Regular Registration will open up again in April.



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