Landscape Course FAQ (For the bi-annual group course)

How long is the course?

There are 8 weeks that we work together with Justin as a group, then 7 weeks of bonus content you can do at your leisure!


What if I can’t keep up with the group or miss an assignment?

All the content is yours to keep forever! If you fall behind you can still work at your own pace. Students who have purchased a seat with feedback do have a weekly deadline to turn in their assignments by, otherwise they may miss getting feedback.


What is the difference in an “auditing seat” and a “feedback seat”?

Feedback seats are for students who want personal feedback on their assignments from Justin every week. Auditing seats get all of the same things as feedback seats except for personal feedback. Both seats can still ask for advice from Justin and other artists in the group!


What is the “group?” 

Once the course starts and videos begin to be released, you will find a link to The Landscape Course’s private discord under the first video. Think of it as a virtual classroom, where everyone taking the course can meet each other, share their assignments, and ask questions. It’s a great place to make art friends! If you have a feedback seat and are fully uncomfortable working in the group, you may also submit your work by email. Within the group, you can use a nickname and can get feedback under that nickname. The only time your real name is needed is when a moderator private messages you to confirm your feedback seat purchase.


Do I need to pay for discord?

No, discord is a free site. You can access it by computer, phone or tablet you just need to sign up. We have moderators and admin specifically to help anyone new to discord and do not expect you to be familiar with it.


What medium should I do the course in?

We recommend you do this course with whatever medium you are most comfortable in, traditional or digital. 


Is this course good for beginners?

If you are brand new to your art journey and aren’t comfortable in any mediums, we recommend you start with The Gouache Course! However, there is no expected skill level to take the Landscape Course. Because this content is yours forever you will be allowed to join in future groups working through the course at no additional cost, each time you are bound to find new ideas you can apply!


When will you run this course again?

We typically run the course twice a year, in spring and early fall. 


I took the course already, can I rejoin the group and get feedback this time?

Not without repurchasing the course as a feedback student. If you do desire to do that, you can reach out to us by email and we will get it sorted. 


What if I miss the live feedback?

Feedback will be posted and kept up indefinitely, watch whenever you need. You can post any questions you may have when you turn in your work for feedback, and Justin will answer them in the video.


I want a feedback seat, how long would I have to do assignments?

Assignments are released on Sundays and due the following Sunday. This means you will have 7 days for each assignment. Feedback takes place a few days after assignments are turned in, usually Wednesdays or Thursdays. If you are late we can not guarantee your work will make it into the feedback.


Is there an age limit?

No, although we don’t recommend it for children. This is a course designed for adults although no content is exclusively “adult” in nature.


What if I decide this course isn’t for me? 

You have 30 days after the course begins to change your mind and email me (no explanation necessary) to receive a full refund! Your access to the content will be revoked, but there’s no hard feelings, these things happen.


I have more questions!

My assistant Rachel Danae is happy to help you with any and all questions you may have! Give her an email at